How can I ask for a product quote?
Visit our website , via WhatsApp +52(614)1269045 or throught email
How long does it take a product to get delivered?
This will depend if the product is in stock or not. If the product is in stock, the delivery can be done the same day. If the product is by demand, it will depend on the quantity and type.
How can I see my orders?
You can ask for the status of your orders with the email or through our website.
In case of an issue with a product, who can I contact?
You can call us on 800 967 9100
How much time does a product in stock take to get delivered?
This will depend on the part in Mexico you are at. However, the product can be sent the same day if the purchase is done before noon.
What payment methods do you accept?
Wire transfers, deposit or cash.